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A magic recipe for the treatment of cracked feet and skin removal

The problem of cracked feet is one of the difficult skin problems that the soles of the feet are exposed to, and it is sometimes painful if the skin is severely dry, and when the cracks reach the depth of the skin, many women may resort to following natural recipes to treat cracked feet. All the following recipes are considered safe and effective to get rid of the problem Dry skin is the first cause of cracks in the soles of the feet, and through the following we explain the best natural formula that contributes to the treatment of cracked feet quickly.


A magical recipe for cracked feet


Among the natural recipes for the treatment of cracked feet are a group of recipes that exfoliate the skin in that area to completely get rid of the presence of cracks. Among the most prominent natural mixtures are the following:


Vaseline recipe to treat cracked feet

A tablespoon of Vaseline. A spoonful of flour. A spoonful of olive oil. drops of lemon juice.


Steps for preparation and use


You can use a suitable bowl and put Vaseline in it and mix it with the rest of the ingredients until we get a formula with a soft creamy texture. It is easy to apply the mixture on a daily basis by gently massaging the cracks with this mixture to get rid of it. You must continue to apply this formula on a daily basis for the result to be effective. Pumice stone recipe to remove cracks on the feet


The pumice stone is considered one of the best natural means and materials that help you quickly get rid of the crusts on the soles of the feet that cause the appearance of superficial cracks on the soles of the feet, and it is possible to spread the skin with it after soaking it in a solution consisting of the following ingredients:


the components


A quarter cup of salt. Warm water. 2 tablespoons of glycerin. A spoonful of olive oil.


Usage steps


A spacious bowl is brought, and we put all the ingredients in it, then mix them, and the feet are soaked for about a quarter of an hour in this moisturizing solution for the skin. After that, the feet are washed with lukewarm water. The feet are rubbed with a stone, and you will find that the crusts are easy to get rid of and the cracks disappear. Then the feet are moisturized after that using a little olive oil component. You can also follow this method once every 3 days, and this is what appears on the feet without any cracking .

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