How to dye eyebrows with cloves

The method of dyeing the eyebrows with cloves at home in a distinctive brown color is presented to you, dear, through the educate me site. And many girls want to dye their eyebrows at home in a brown color, an alternative to tattoos, and with ingredients found in every home. Follow us to learn the method in the following:


  1. How to dye eyebrows with cloves


There are many methods through which the eyebrows can be dyed brown, such as using henna or using eyebrow tattoos, and some cosmetics such as eyebrow powder or eyebrow pencil can be used, but all of these methods may not be suitable for some and they do not prefer them, so we will provide you with the steps to dye the eyebrows with cloves.


the components:


10 sticks of cloves. One tablespoon of coconut oil. One tablespoon of olive oil.


Preparation steps:


First, you have to grind the clove sticks after roasting them well so that they are powdery and free of granules. In a small and clean container, put the olive oil and coconut oil after it is melted, and the cloves together. Stir the ingredients together until they are homogeneous, leave for two days until they interact together. Start by applying the mixture to the eyebrows with A clean mascara brush, or through a brush dedicated to the eyebrows. The eyebrow is drawn in the exact shape. Vaseline is applied around the eyebrow area so that it does not get dyed. Leave the dye on the eyebrows for at least two hours, then wash it. The color is suitable for the color of the skin. This method also helps in thickening the eyebrows, and it is an effective recipe for eliminating white hair in the eyebrows. Daily eyebrow tattoos are brown in color.


You can make a daily eyebrow tattoo in a distinctive brown color by roasting cloves over a low heat, then leaving it to cool, then passing it over the eyebrows well, and leaving it on without wiping, as it dispenses with the use of powder or an eyebrow pencil, and with repetition you will get a stable brown color always.

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