Makeup tricks to make the face younger

Make-up tricks to make the face younger, get to know them and apply them step by step to get a youthful look that makes your skin and face look younger, we show you a number of steps that enable you to get a fresh and youthful skin, by using make-up and thus highlighting your beauty in a natural and unpretentious way, besides concealing Fine lines, wrinkles, and annoying spots. For all new developments, follow us on the accounts of the official care Beauty magazine on Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram and Telegram.


Makeup tricks to make the face younger


To even out skin tones, accentuate the beauty of the skin and make the face younger, follow these makeup tricks:


Moisturizing: With age, the skin’s need for hydration and water increases. The twenties differ from the thirties, or the more advanced age periods, so one of the most famous ways of makeup to reduce the age of the face and skin is to pay attention to moisturizing creams, and thus get rid of the problem of dry skin and the consequent annoying spots and inflammation.

Make-up products with high water and moisturizing percentages:

When buying makeup tools, be sure to buy products that represent water, a large part of its ingredients.

Use a foundation, cream or gel foundation, to get a moist coverage of the skin and to look younger, stay away from powder makeup products.

Yellow or golden foundation: With age and when applying make-up products, the skin turns gray or red, in order to avoid this apply a mixture of creamy foundation, with golden and yellow shades, this trick adds luster and freshness On your skin, in addition to hiding wrinkles, fine lines and sagging facial areas, it is also an effective trick to add drops of rose oil or sweet almond oil to the foundation cream before applying it.

Concealer  with a creamy texture:

Concealer It helps you to hide not only dark circles, but also wrinkles and sagging. One of the makeup tricks for a youthful and young skin is to replace the powder concealer with cream and can also be mixed with a primer. Attractive eyes and define the upper line in a thick way, thus obtaining a younger make-up look.

Tricks of applying Vaseline or highlighter:

Distribute an appropriate amount of natural Vaseline or highlighter on the following points of the face, to reduce the age of the skin, then add brightness and shine to it, start by applying the highlighter on the cheekbones Cheeks, bridge of the nose, middle of the forehead and cupid’s bow, which is the area above the lips.

Blush or blush: Replace the blush or powder blush with cream, and to reduce the age of your skin, use the pink or peach tones makeup trick, and spread the blush well on the cheeks, using the designated brush.

Eyebrow spaces: Using eyebrow pencils in shades of brown or dark gray, fill in the empty eyebrow spaces, in order to complete a makeup look and get a youthful, fresh look. Concealer on the nose

Lips: Use concealer and spread light layers of it on the nose and the area around the lips, to get a natural and attractive makeup look.Red colors: Nudes, pinks, soft tones, coral red, all these degrees of makeup tricks used for the lips, in order to get a look Less complexion with age.

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