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How do I clean my face without soap? - Care Beauty

How do I clean my face without soap?

How do I clean my face without soap, many wonder how to get deep clean skin without soap, because most of its types contain very harmful chemicals, so we explain to you, my lady, natural ways to clean your skin and face daily,


How do I clean my face without soap?

Mud or mud mask: An answer to your question, madam, about washing and cleaning the face without soap, use a mud or mud mask, because it is an effective way to clean skin cells and cleanse pores, in addition to removing impurities and dirt and tightening the skin naturally, you can add honey and one of the oils Basics such as jojoba, almond and lavender, then apply the mud mask on your face, and wash it after it dries with cold water, and thus you get a clean and washed face without using soap.

Large with drops of olive oil, then massage your face in the morning for a few minutes, then rinse your skin with cold water, then you will get deeply clean skin without soap. Use it to clean different skin types, for dry skin, put an amount of milk with egg white and massage your skin, then wash with plain water, for oily skin, add a few drops of olive oil to milk, the usual way is to massage the face with an amount of milk Leave it until it dries and then wash it with plain water, and thus you get a clear white, clean and fresh skin. With warm water and dry your skin with a dry towel in the manner of patting. Tomatoes and cucumbers: In a food processor or an electric blender, here is how to make a face wash without soap, put a cucumber and a tomato and run the food processor, you will get a natural wash, distribute it on your face and after 10-15 minutes , wash your face with plain water, now you have a clean face free of dark spots and dark circles.

Can you wash the face with water only


Water may not be a sufficient element to clean the skin deeply and remove the oils and impurities in it, so we have to add natural ingredients or use chemical cleaning products such as soap, to solve skin problems and clean it and then wash it with water, but there is a way in which water is effective in cleaning the face, which is to make a bath Steam for minutes, to open the pores, then wash the skin with normal water