Make a natural lip balm


Natural recipes have become one of the most popular things, because they are considered the least expensive and at the same time you know exactly what is in them, and because lips are cracked and dry these days of the year, we will offer you a way to prepare a natural lip balm at home, learn about its ingredients and how to prepare it here.

Ingredients make a natural lip balm for harsh fall days

Two tablespoons of natural beeswax

Two tablespoons of coconut oil

Two tablespoons of shea butter

15 drops of lavender oil, tea tree oil or rose oil

How to prepare a natural lip balm at home

The method we have chosen for you does not need any special equipment, just prepare the previous ingredients, a metal container, a tough glass container that can withstand smaller heat in the metal, in addition to a spoon for stirring and an empty box to put the humidifier

Heat a liter of water on a fire in a metal bowl.

Put the beeswax and shea butter in the glass container, and then put it over the metal container.

When it melts completely, add coconut oil and lavender oil and mix well.

Pour the liquid into stainless steel cans of lip balm or place them in an old, empty lipstick (clean well) and allow them to cool until they harden.

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After you have learned about the ingredients and method of preparing the best way to prepare a natural lip balm, do not hesitate to apply it, as it is not only a lip balm, but also moisturizes and nourishes the skin at the same time due to the minerals and vitamins it contains useful for delicate and sensitive lip skin.