magical ingredient for treating gynecological infections

Most women experience gynecological infections at some point in their lives. It is caused by an overgrowth of the fungus that lives normally in the vagina. This overgrowth leads to irritation, inflammation, itching and painful discharge. In many cases, gynecological infections can be treated at home easily and successfully. This is done with over-the-counter products or alternative treatments. Next, you are presented with, “carebeauty” garlic; The magical plant ingredient that has anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties according to a large number of recent studies.


A magical ingredient for treating gynecological infections



Garlic is the enemy of bacteria


As already mentioned, garlic has excellent properties. Therefore, it must form an important part of your diet, especially as it works to boost your immune system effectively. From this point of view, know that it is your first and last ally in case you want to eliminate the vaginal infections that you often suffer from and that are really starting to bother you. But first it is necessary to know the real symptoms of this problem:

on the first day you feel some itching.

In the following days, the feeling of itching worsens, followed by the occurrence of heavy and foul-smelling vaginal discharge. So, know that you suffer from vaginal infections.

Be careful! It is best to resort to garlic treatment as soon as the first symptoms of this problem appear in order to get the result you want.


How do you use garlic ?


External use :

Peel a clove of garlic well. Before you go to sleep, put a peeled garlic clove on the target area and wring it out when you wake up in the morning. And beware, do not wear it for a longer period of time because it may irritate your vaginal membrane.

Note: One night treatment is enough to get rid of vaginal infections, but you can apply it for an additional day or two. Useful trick: Thread a thin thread through the garlic clove so you can pull it off in the morning very easily.


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Internal use :


Yes, the easiest way to use garlic to eliminate your vaginal infections is to take it as a dietary supplement: one capsule every morning. And of course, you can consume it fresh if you can. The required amount of it is only 100 mg.


Garlic…cooked or fresh?


Know that your consumption of fresh garlic, that is, uncooked, has excellent results on your health. In this case, we invite you to add it to the salads you like even though we know that you may not tolerate its taste or smell. You can also eat garlic cooked, but know that you will not only get rid of its strong smell in this case, but that you may lose some useful properties as well. So, cooking is not an ideal option.



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