Learn about the magical morning drink, the secret of the beauty and youth of Jennifer Aniston

Famous American actress Jennifer Aniston shares her daily routine with her fans and followers to get better sleep and energy and thus look more energetic and youthful.

“The most important aspects of my wellness routine are sleep, meditation, hydration and proper nutrition,” says Jennifer Aniston. In addition to these procedures, she is faithful to a wonderful ingredient, which has been part of her regimen for seven years.

In 2014, my doctor suggested that I start incorporating collagen into my diet. After just two months, I started noticing that my workouts got easier, my sleep and endurance improved, plus I had incredible energy throughout the day, says Aniston, who is now the chief creative officer of Vital Proteins, a supplement maker.

Where Aniston takes her morning coffee with collagen powder, she uses the brand’s chocolate flavor to get that youthful, sexy look.

She says it’s like eating a milkshake which I know is good for me.

Staying active throughout the day is very important for the actress, and maintaining a healthy mindset is also a priority for her, especially over the past year. “The bright side of this pandemic is that it has given us the opportunity to have a real emotional, physical and mental reset, and made us grateful for what we have,” she says.

So, Jennifer Aniston drinks collagen in her morning coffee daily, and this is the secret of her beauty and youth.

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