All you need to know about the new medical revolution to get rid of cellulite

In this article we will tell you about the first FDA approved cellulite injections.

Ninety percent of women have cellulite. It is very natural and is nothing more than an interaction between two parts of the body (fat meets connective tissue, such as collagen, under the skin).

But the bad thing is that cellulite is accompanied by unpleasant feelings as it distorts the shape of the skin and causes women to be embarrassed.

There are several factors that seem to be linked to the chance of developing cellulite. These include hormones, genetics, and age, as well as dietary and lifestyle factors.

In the past, there was a feeling of complete helplessness towards getting rid of cellulite.

Many of the existing options were useless, and the results were not impressive. Such as procedures that break down connective tissue using scalpels or heat from a laser. In addition to topical creams that only reduce its appearance to an insignificant extent, not to mention that the results are transient and not permanent.

So it is very important and considered a revolution in the cosmetic world that the Food and Drug Administration approve the first cellulite injection called Qwo.

Experts say it is an exciting and less harmful treatment option that does not lead to sagging skin. The Qwo approved cellulite reduction injection is the first and only moderate to severe buttocks solution

These minimally invasive injections use a specialized formula to break down the collagen-rich fibrous septal enzymes responsible for the diminished appearance of cellulite in a woman’s buttocks.

How does Qwo work?

It is important to know first that these injections are not always a quick fix. While some patients notice an improvement after one or two appointments, it usually takes three treatments over three months to see full results.

Most patients receive 12 injections, the equivalent of one vial, per session lasting 10 minutes or less.

The process of dissolving the fibrous barrier begins and releases the binding effect. The treatment is also believed to redistribute fat cells and stimulate the growth of new collagen.

The injection is said to be similar to a Botox injection.

The substance injected is collagenase, an enzyme known to break peptide bonds in collagen. It is injected into the area affected by cellulite and works to dissolve it

It is a permanent repair of the treated area.

There is a potential side effect, but it is temporary. Each patient exposed to the injection will have slight pain and bruising in the area that lasts for about two weeks.

However, it seems that the great long-term results you will see outweigh the temporary bruising. It will give you a wonderful boost of happiness, satisfaction and self-confidence

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