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Magical and effective drinks to burn fat in a week

Magical and effective drinks to burn fat in a week


Ginger and mint drink

Boil three tablespoons of grated green ginger in a cup of water, after 10 minutes add mint leaves for an additional two minutes only. Remove the pot from the fire and leave the mixture until it cools, then filter it and eat it after each meal for three days to blow up the fat and calories excess thermal.


Drink apple cider vinegar and white honey

Mix one tablespoon of white honey with one tablespoon of apple cider vinegar and add the mixture to a glass of lukewarm water. Eat this mixture before main meals for three days to reduce appetite and desire to eat.


Black coffee drink Black

coffee is also characterized by its ability to stimulate the process of burning fat and weight loss, as it reduces the feeling of hunger and gives a feeling of satiety for long periods of time throughout the day, so drinking two cups of black coffee daily will help to lose weight in a few weeks.


Drink water and lemon

Mix a cup of fresh lemon juice with two cups of lukewarm water, put the mixture in a bottle and eat a cup of it for three days and every morning on an empty stomach.


Cinnamon drink

is one of the most effective drinks to get rid of fat and increase body burning rates. Cinnamon sticks help increase the rate of burning in the body, and you can eat it by boiling and drinking it on a daily and regular basis. It can also be added to food, as it is very effective



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