Nescafe coffee to dye hair naturally

Nescafe coffee to dye hair naturally


Caffeine has the ability to interact with hair follicles, helping to direct the behavior of the follicles and regulate hair growth, and a study published in the International Journal of Dermatology in 2007 found that the presence of caffeine stimulated hair follicles cultured in the laboratory, which increased its growth, and as a result it may Caffeine helps restore hair growth, or prevent abnormal hair loss, however the clinical effects of caffeine on promoting hair growth have not yet been investigated.


Nescafe and honey dye light chestnut hair colorWe bring a plastic bowl, then put three tablespoons of Nescafe in it and also half a cup of olive oil and mix the ingredients well.We bring another bowl and put in it two teaspoons of turmeric, egg yolk, three tablespoons of bee honey, and also three packages of (herbal peroxide) so that the concentration of two packages of it is nine percent, and the third package has a concentration of six percent.Mix the mixture well and add it to the Nescafe mixturePut it on the hair and leave it on the hair for seven hours and then wash the hair well.Nescafe and turmeric recipe to get the natural brown colorMix two tablespoons of Nescafe with a tablespoon of turmeric well, then add a cup of olive oil and two containers of oxygen to the mixture.Stir the mixture well and apply it to the hair for sixty minutes.Rinse well with water, and repeat this recipe for two months to get the desired brown color.




Nescafe recipe and olive oil to get a light brown color

Mix two tablespoons of Nescafe with two eggs in addition to a cup of olive oil, mix the ingredients well, and add to the mixture two bottles of oxygen.It is best left on the hair for 35 minutes, then washed with warm water well, and this recipe is repeated every two weeks to get a light brown color.

Nescafe and cocoa recipe to get a shiny prophet colorMix two tablespoons of cocoa with two tablespoons of Nescafe, in addition to the juice of one lemon with a little sesame oil and also two bottles of oxygen.

Mix the ingredients well and apply a layer of the mixture on the hair for half an hour.The hair is rinsed well with warm water.


Nescafe is one of the most famous types of coffee in many countries such as Turkey, Egypt and Iran. The uses of Nescafe are no longer only for drinking, but its uses are multiple. Now it is used in hair dye, skin exfoliation, nourishment, removing dead skin, delaying the appearance of wrinkles and signs of aging, and preventing acne, because it contains: Dye


Ingredients:  10 spoons of green henna – 3 spoons of white vinegar – 5 spoons of Nescafe powder – lemon – hot water

How to prepare


Mix the nescafe and henna in a special bowl for hair dyeAdd white vinegar to it and mix well Gradually add hot water, stirring with a fork, to obtain a somewhat creamy consistency, similar to dye.Give the mixture in a nylon bag for 3 hours until it fermentsPut the juice of a lemon, after filtering it from the seeds, on the previous mixture and stir wellSpread the mixture on clean and dry hair from the roots to the ends, so that it does not touch the skin. After finishing the mixture well on the hair, it is covered with a nylon bag so that the mixture does not fall on the ground.Leave the mixture on the hair for three hours and to get a light brown color, leave more than thatWash the hair well with hot water, but without using shampoo, and after completion and making sure to remove the mixture permanently from the hair, put the conditioner on the hair and leave for five minutes and wash again to get rid of the conditioner.




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