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Know the benefits of sitting on the floor while eating - Care Beauty

Know the benefits of sitting on the floor while eating

Sitting on the floor while eating helps improve the body’s posture, and because you are sitting in a squatting position, this helps the heart pump blood and circulate to other parts of the body. In this report, we learn about 6 reasons why sitting on the floor has health benefits, according to the “health” website. “.


Benefits of sitting on the floor while eating

Helps lose weight



Weight gain is usually triggered by overeating or when you fail to burn off the calories you consume. The key to losing weight is to focus on every aspect of the food you eat – such as the amount you eat and the smell and taste of the food.


Sitting on the floor and eating meals helps the vagus nerve send signals from the stomach to the brain whether your stomach is full or not. This is why you eat slower and can prevent you from eating too much food.


2. Improves blood circulation



When you sit on the floor, blood circulation in the feet decreases, and excess blood begins to move through the heart to other organs, which increases the activity required for the digestion process. It also removes stress, focuses the mind, and increases positive energy. This is not possible if you sit on a chair because in this position your feet are below your heart. This directs blood circulation to your feet, unlike sitting on the floor.


3. Promotes digestion



While sitting and eating on the floor, bending forward and returning to the original position helps secrete digestive juices.


It is believed that when a person sits cross-legged on the floor to eat a meal, it sends a signal to the brain to prepare the body for digestion.


4. Improve body posture



It is really important to maintain correct posture while eating. Proper posture while eating will help reduce the chances of excessive stress on your muscles, joints, knees, back, neck and hands. Your posture is automatically corrected as you sit on the floor, straightening your back, lengthening your spine and pushing your shoulders back – ignoring all fatigue, aches and pain.


5. Improve flexibility



Sitting cross-legged can bring benefits to your body’s flexibility level, because sitting on the floor helps the knees, hips, spine, chest and ankles to stretch and the body becomes stronger and more flexible.


6. Improves concentration



Sitting on the floor improves your concentration and is an ideal place for meditation. Eating while sitting on the floor makes you more attentive to the act of eating, and this can increase the flow of oxygen in the body.