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How does Greek yogurt help get rid of visceral belly fat? - Care Beauty

How does Greek yogurt help get rid of visceral belly fat?

Visceral fat is considered one of the most dangerous types of fat because it is concentrated in the abdominal area near the vital organs. The problem with this fat is that it can lead to various health complications. Fortunately, simple dietary modifications, including fatty foods, can help you reduce it. According to the Express website report.




The majority of fat in your body is stored under the skin, but it is visible and you can feel it too. However, there is also hidden fat in your body known as visceral fat. Here’s how to reduce visceral fat through your diet.




Visceral fat is more common in men, as it hides deep in the stomach, and can cause serious health problems, such as heart disease, type 2 diabetes, high cholesterol, and some types of cancer, and one factor in this is the ability of fat to secrete proteins and hormones that cause inflammation.




This type of inflammation can damage arteries and affect how the body breaks down sugars, fats, and more.


Greek yogurt is considered one of the fatty foods that can reduce belly fat, as eating plain or fat-free Greek yogurt can reduce visceral fat levels to the same degree, due to its protein and vitamin content.




Research suggests that foods rich in protein, calcium and vitamin D may be linked to reduced visceral fat, so plain, fat-free or low-fat Greek yogurt is a food people should add to their diet if they are looking to reduce visceral fat.




The benefits of protein for weight loss have been confirmed by a number of studies, and since yogurt is rich in protein, a fat-free cup contains about 10 grams, but fat-free Greek yogurt contains a larger amount, as it provides from 20 to 23 grams per cup.