Japanese challenge for healthy skin in just 30 days

One of the Japanese secrets of skin care is a 30-day routine in order to make your skin cells breathe well and thus get a bright and clear face in a few days and with natural ingredients without the need to put a lot of chemical preparations to get rid of impurities and skin problems.


Japanese challenge for healthy skin One of the Japanese secrets of skin care


The method we explain to you is 3 steps, you must apply them carefully in order to get bright and healthy skin:


Morning facial cleanser: Using only two ingredients, make a facial cleanser from rice flour and yogurt, which are considered essential ingredients in the Japanese secrets for skin health and luster: Method of preparation: In a clean glass bowl, put three tablespoons of rice flour and then a similar amount of yogurt, then mix well Now you have a natural facial cleanser that must be used in the morning, keep it in the refrigerator and its shelf life lasts for a whole week. Method of use: One of the Japanese secrets related to maintaining the health of the skin, is washing the face in the morning with warm water in order to open the pores and get rid of excess facial oils, then Put half a spoon of the morning cleanser in a bowl, and add milk, rose water or potato juice to it according to your skin type, then mix the ingredients well and distribute them on your face for 15 minutes without massaging or rubbing, then wash with cold water, and thus you get a skin free of acne. Young people, excess oils and dead skin cells. Serums or serums that are beneficial for the skin: There are many types of serum, such as vitamin C and niacinamide, some washing mask apply drops of serum on your face. Treatment with a factor of protection against ultraviolet rays of the sun, so the third step in the challenge of clear skin, which is part of the Japanese secrets for healthy skin, is to apply a moisturizing sunscreen cream before leaving the house, thus avoiding the skin’s secretion of a lot of melanin and the resulting problems Such as hyperpigmentation and spots. A Japanese secret to clean and moisturize the skin


The most famous Japanese mixtures for skin care depend on rice, because it is the main secret behind the beauty of Japanese skin, so we present to you another secret of the Japanese women’s routine to take care of the health and luster of the skin:


Method of preparation: Put a quantity of white rice in cold water and then put it on the fire. After maturity, drain the water and put it in a clean glass bowl in the refrigerator. Now bring the ripe rice and add to it a quantity of cold water, honey and milk and mix well. Method of use: Spread the mixture on your face And wash it after half an hour or more, repeat it once a week with the use of rice water, which you kept in the refrigerator as a daily cleanser for the skin

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