Nutritional supplements, benefits and harms .. all you want to know

Nutritional supplements, benefits and harms .. all you want to know

You’ve probably heard and read about the benefits of nutritional supplements, and taking them may seem like the right thing to do. A pill here and a pill there, surely it should help you. But the truth is far from that.

Dietary supplements are one of the most widely marketed health products, with thousands of brands to choose from. Not all supplements are created equal, and if you don’t really need them, you may not benefit from taking them. On the contrary, it may be harmful to your body.


Here’s Valeo’s list of things to avoid, from Chief Health Services Jamie Richards, to find your way into the supplement world:


You have to search first


With so many nutritional supplements available, how do you decide what to use and when to use it? People often buy generic nutritional supplements, without understanding why they are using them, and not feeling the slightest benefit from them.

There is a more mysterious aspect, as people simply do not know how these supplements are produced, and what exactly is in them. It is a really good idea to work with a professional who knows and understands the nutritional supplement market. Someone whose job it is to do the research and check for you.


Find a health coach to help you, starting with whether you need supplements in the first place. A blood test is one of the most effective monitoring tools, so understand if a supplement is needed, has worked and is having the desired effect on your overall health. This is especially important to avoid overusing the supplement by continuing to take something blindly without understanding its long-term consequences.


7 things to do about taking supplements


1. Understand why you are taking supplements.


2. Understand how effective they are and how they are manufactured.

3. If you are taking nutritional supplements due to nutritional deficiencies, be sure to retest to see if it has worked or not, and to avoid overdosing on the supplement.


4. Take a look at your diet to see if it affects your nutritional deficiency.


5. Take only one new supplement at a time. This can help you understand if you’re feeling better, worse, or not feeling any different.


6. Take only the recommended dose, unless specifically advised by a professional


7. Stop taking the supplement if you experience any negative effects.


Don’t fall into the trap of supplement promoters


The “it helped me, so should help” approach to nutritional supplements is what I refer to as the Expert Market. This is where something works for one person, so it has to be great for everyone. Nothing could be further from the truth. Lifestyles, nutrition, well-being and health can and should be appropriate for the individual only. It is not a specific and standard choice that fits all forms of life, it is your life that is determined by your requirements, goals and ambitions. Your supplements should be personalized to your needs, too.


Don’t underestimate the importance of herbal supplements


Although marketed as natural with no side effects, herbal supplements can be highly interactive. Herbs can be potent substances, even huge amounts of common pharmaceutical drugs are derived from plants and herbs.

A 2015 study published in the New England Journal of Medicine estimated that nearly 23,000 emergency department visits in the United States were due to adverse reactions to dietary supplements. Adding to the concern, recent research shows that a third of herbal supplements taken Tested contains no evidence of this herb being detected in. Understanding herbal remedies requires great skill, training and extensive research.


Do not miss to benefit from the best nutritional supplements

Tips for taking nutritional supplements


A vitamin and mineral supplement is to eat healthy, fresh foods.


The best protein and iron supplements are pasture-raised steaks.


The best hydration supplement is to drink a mixture of real salt, lemon juice, and water.


The best supplement to sleep is to get the light of the morning sun and the darkness of the night

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