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Japanese Banana Diet a quick way to lose weight - Care Beauty

Japanese Banana Diet a quick way to lose weight


Nutrition  pointed out to the German magazine that the morning banana  diet is a diet that has been  known in Japan  since 2008, and  it can be relied on to  lose weight  quickly  before events.

The  diet protocol  allows  eating bananas unlimitedly with lukewarm water or  eating them with milk for breakfast,  with no  restriction to  choosing  a specific  food for lunch and dinner, and one or  more bananas  can be  obtained as a snack  between meals,  but no  other  type of  sweets is allowed. You  should  not  eat  anything after  8 pm, and the  person  should  go to  bed  by midnight.

Bananas  in the morning  help stimulate metabolism and  feel  full  quickly, in addition, bananas  contain a  high  percentage of potassium and fiber, which  regulate  body fat, and  it is required  not to  eat  anything after  8 pm.

Since bananas  also  contain  a lot of fructose, a banana breakfast  should  not  become a habit. This  diet  helps to lose  some weight  quickly,  but the  body  needs  exercise to  lose weight permanently.