Glowing Brightening Face Mask Homemade


Most  women and  girls  want to have white  skin as  light as snow,  so they  resort to  searching for  different ways,  such as  buying whitening products, or  preparing  easy  home recipes,  one of which we  offer you,  which is  distinctive and  gives a  result from  the first use.

Ingredients: a  quantity of almonds + a  quantity of water + a teaspoon of milk + a tablespoon of flour + a  quantity of lemon juice.

Method of preparation: Almonds are  crushed and kneaded with water, then milk, flour and  some drops of lemon juice are added. Mix the  ingredients well,  apply the  mixture  on the face,  leave it to dry or for  at least 15 minutes, then wash the face with water. 

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