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In just 5 minutes, without a laboratory, "... Turkey is developing a local test to detect Corona - Care Beauty

In just 5 minutes, without a laboratory, “… Turkey is developing a local test to detect Corona


In a remarkable scientific development, a Turkish company called “Turk Lab” announced the start of selling a local test of its own production that helps detect Corona virus, by using homemade antibodies.

The company stated in a statement today, Sunday, that it was able to develop a local antigen test as an alternative to the “BCR” test currently used to detect corona, explaining that the local test gives results without the need for a laboratory to know whether there is a protein associated with Corona or not.

The general manager of the company, “Karat Yaglidara”, told “Anadolu Agency” that the new product reduces the country’s dependence on the outside to secure antibodies, which he spends a lot of money on importing.

In addition, the company confirmed that the test is approved by the Ministry of Health and has a high accuracy rate of 95 percent, and the process of exporting it abroad has also begun.

The Turkish company explained how the test is used, saying: “The swab sample taken from the throat and nose is rubbed into the tube inside the test kit, and then the solution is dropped to show the result within 5 minutes.”

And last April, the Turkish company managed to develop a test for antibodies and exported it to 50 countries.

The death toll from the new Coronavirus infections in the past 24 hours in Turkey rose to one million 809 thousand and 809 cases, after 29,136 new infections were recorded.

While the death toll from infection with the virus in the country reached 16,199 cases, after 222 new deaths were recorded, while 20,191 people were cured, bringing the total number of people recovered to one million and 581,565 people.

And Turkish Health Minister Fakhruddin Kujah announced earlier, that Turkey is waiting for the arrival of the first batch of the anti-corona virus vaccine after December 11th.