Important information about dietary fiber


Dietary fiber
Naturally present in grains such as oats, wheat, paddy rice or functional fibres

That has been collected or isolated from plants or animals and proven to be of benefit to health

Its importance:
It improves digestion and helps defecation, reduces the risk of coronary heart disease, and helps maintain normal blood sugar levels.

It is worth noting that eating large amounts of dietary fiber does not produce harmful effects in healthy individuals. While adverse gastrointestinal symptoms are occasionally observed when consuming certain isolated or synthetic fibers, serious chronic adverse effects have not been observed.

Daily dose of dietary fiber:
Infants: Not specified due to the lack of data of adverse effects in this age group and the concern relates to inability to handle excessive amounts.
1-3 years 19g
4-8 years 25 g

9-13 years 31g
14-50 years 38g
50 and above 30g

9-13 years 26g
14-18 years 26 g
19-50 years 25 g
50 and above 21g

28 g in all age groups

29 g in all age groups

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