Breast plastic surgery…your choice  

Breast plastic surgery…your choice



The surgeon usually seeks to preserve the breast as much as possible, but there are several factors involved in determining this, whether the mastectomy is complete or partial. These factors include the size of the tumor compared to the size of the breast, the location of the tumor, skin injury, and the extent of response to chemotherapy given before the intervention. Surgery to reduce the size of the tumor.


After mastectomy, surgical alternatives are used to restore the breast’s shape, based on the patient’s request. There are two types of these alternatives. The first involves taking muscles, skin, and fatty tissue from other parts of the body, such as the back or abdomen. The second involves using artificial substitutes such as silicone and saline solutions, regardless of the type. Alternatives used: It is important to note the importance of taking into account the symmetry between the breasts in terms of height and size, and discuss this with the surgeon. It is possible to perform plastic surgery immediately after the removal, in the same operation, or after a period of time, according to what the treating doctor decides in agreement with the patient.


Cosmetic surgery helps reduce the physical and emotional damage a woman experiences after a mastectomy, as many women who have had it confirm.


Stages of breast reconstruction surgery:


– Anesthesia: This is done after ensuring that the patient’s health condition allows her to receive general anesthesia.


– Muscle transplantation. Radiation therapy or mastectomy may leave tissue on the chest wall that is insufficient to cover and support the implanted breast, forcing the surgeon to use muscle or expand the tissue. For example, there is the Tram Flap technique, in which both the patient’s abdominal muscles are used in addition to Fat and skin to create or cover the site of the removed breast. The surgeon may choose the (DIEP) or (SGAP) technique, in which muscles are not used, but tissue is transferred from both the abdomen and buttocks to the chest. Finally, there is the (A Latissimus Dorsi Flap) technique, in which a slice of The latissimus dorsi muscles, in addition to fat and skin, pass through a tunnel that reaches the location of the breast and remains attached to its location through healthy blood vessels.


– Tissue expansion, in which healthy skin is extended to cover the breast implant area. Here the recovery period is faster than that if muscles are used, but it requires many periodic visits to the clinic for a period of up to six months in order to fill the implanted vessel with the aim of slowly expanding the tissue through an internal valve. This may be done Another surgical intervention is done to replace this vessel if it is not designed to be permanent.


– Breast mass implantation using silicone or saline solutions, which is used as an addition or alternative to the abdominal or back muscles.


– Grafting and shaping of the nipple and surrounding areola to complete breast reconstruction.


After completing the surgical procedure, the area will be covered with medical gauze, and it is recommended to wear an elastic bandage or a breast support bra to reduce the swelling and support the reconstructed breast.


The main factor for the success of any plastic surgery operation is to carefully follow the instructions of the medical staff. It is important that the surgical scars not be exposed to any pressure or abrasion during the recovery period. There are warning signs that if felt, the surgeon must be consulted immediately, such as difficulty breathing, palpitations, and pain. In the chest area, swelling in the operation area, a change in the color of the skin surrounding the wound, and the appearance of new tumors in the operation area.


In conclusion, the choice to undergo breast reconstructive plastic surgery must be made with the patient’s complete conviction and a desire within her to satisfy herself and enhance her confidence in her appearance.

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