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Benefits of walking in the morning



Practicing walking at any time of the day is beneficial and healthy and produces good results, but walking in the morning has its own peculiarity. Studies indicate that the best time to enhance lung performance and overall body health is early in the morning, as oxygen is pure at this time.


The morning air is often fresh and clear of dust and smoke. Walking in the park or on the river bank refreshes the mind and body, and the pink rays of the sun during sunrise give us a feeling of pleasure and happiness.




Advantages of walking in the morning


Walking exercises are suitable for everyone, young and old, as they do not require special skills. Walking in the morning has many benefits and it is easy to make it a part of your lifestyle. Here are some of the benefits of morning walking



It reduces tension and stress and eliminates lethargy.

Walking in the morning is a natural medicine that helps get rid of stomach problems.

It is suitable for diabetics as it helps lower blood sugar levels.

It gives the body flexibility and helps control weight.

Increases bone density and prevents bone damage.

Increases mental health.

In a world full of pollution, the morning hours are the best times for lung health and a feeling of relaxation.

It gives the body the energy needed to carry out its tasks during the day.

It increases the rate of oxygen in the body, which helps enhance blood circulation, rids the body of toxins and purifies the blood.

It gives energy and vitality to all organs of the body, as the arms, legs, shoulders, joints, etc. participate in this exercise.

Walking 20 minutes a day keeps the back healthy.

It maintains the health of the heart and helps it pump a larger amount of blood with less effort and less pressure on the blood vessels, while gradually reducing the level of cholesterol in the blood.

Helps muscle growth.

It enhances the metabolism process and prevents metabolic syndrome, which leads to a number of chronic diseases such as

Blood vessels, high blood pressure, diabetes and cholesterol.

Sweating while walking helps rid the body of excess salts.

Helps burn body fat.

Helps focus.

It encourages practicing more difficult exercises over time, as walking is a good start for those who want to make exercise a part of their daily routine.




How to prepare yourself for morning walking exercise


You can adopt some steps that will help you regularize your morning walking exercises



Set a time. It is best to set your watch to wake up 20 minutes before your usual time to go out to work.

Setting a Path Determining the path you are on helps you set your goals.

Washing your face and putting water on your face in the morning helps you stay away from sleep and awaken your senses more.

Appropriate Clothing Make sure to dress appropriately for the weather. If the weather is cold, you should wear a waterproof coat to protect you in case of rain. If the weather is hot, it is preferable to wear a T-shirt that helps wick away sweat and shorts.

Proper Shoes Make sure to wear comfortable shoes and socks that fit your feet.

Water Bottle Make sure to carry a water bottle with you so that you drink sufficient amounts of water to protect you from dehydration.

Healthy food When you finish exercising, make sure to eat a good, healthy meal.


Dear reader, always try to practice brisk walking regularly, especially in the morning hours, because of its great health benefits, and know that a healthy mind always resides in a healthy body.







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