Hunger protects you from Alzheimer’s disease  

Hunger protects you from Alzheimer’s disease



“Science Daily” published a new study on the relationship between hunger and Alzheimer’s disease. The research team conducted experiments on mice and concluded that hunger pangs


Reduce calorie consumption.



The study showed that increasing the consumption of calories in the human body leads to…


to malnutrition, and reducing it protects against neurological disorders,


Despite these results, it has not yet been clinically tested on humans.



Scientists turned to this research after the increase in deaths in America due to disease


Alzheimer’s disease, and they are currently seeking to find a way to reduce calorie consumption.



This is the first research paper that indicates the relationship between feeling


Hunger and reduce the incidence of Alzheimer’s disease by applying it to a model of mice.




For his part, Inga Kadish, assistant professor in the Department of Cell and Biology, explained


Evolutionary and integrative studies at the University of Alabama at Birmingham School of Medicine, if confirmed


With this new mechanism, hunger will be an effective way to combat Alzheimer’s disease in the future


Along with ways to reduce calorie consumption.



Feeling hungry leads to fighting deposits that destroy nerve cells


Which in turn leads to Alzheimer’s disease, and this is confirmed by the low incidence


Alzheimer’s disease in areas experiencing famines.



The research team divided the experimental model mice into three groups, the first of which was:


He received a hormone called ghrelin, and then he ate a calorie-restricted diet


calories less than 20% of the normal level of food,


The third is to eat food naturally without any restriction.



The mice were placed in a maze of water, and the group’s mice remembered and treated


The second is the best treatment among the three groups, as the water maze test is a test


Intelligence and speed of memory are known by researchers.



The researchers explained that the nerve cells in the brain of the second group were damaged


Of mice was less in the other groups, so the research team concluded


In the future, Alzheimer’s disease can be combated by hunger.

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