Benefits of mulberry leaves

Benefits of mulberry leaves


Studies conducted by researchers at the National Research Center in Cairo have confirmed that mulberry leaves are very useful for treating diabetes and stomach ulcers, as mulberry leaves are boiled in water and drunk as an alternative to insulin and other medications. Dr. Saeed Shalaby, professor, says





Mulberry leaves and diabetes


The digestive system and liver at the National Research Center in Egypt: Mulberry leaves contain several vital substances and chemical compounds that have the same composition as insulin and work in the body in terms of burning excess sugar and controlling it at normal rates. He added that mulberry leaves contain other substances that stimulate the pancreas and the glands responsible for secreting insulin to increase their secretion rates, thus lowering the blood sugar rate. It also works to burn fat before it turns into harmful sugar. Dr. Abdel Majeed Ali, Professor of Plants at the Egyptian Ministry of Agriculture, promised that the mulberry plant is one of the plants that has many benefits, and that its leaves contain a substance that has a bitter taste called thylinizing substances, and it has many medical benefits, represented in its use as a treatment to reduce blood sugar levels and prevent it from rising above normal levels.


Mulberry leaves and their benefits on the stomach



Dr. Abdul Majeed stated that mulberry leaves have other benefits, such as treating various stomach diseases, especially blood ulcers, and alleviating the pain of renal colic. Sometimes it is used in diet and weight loss because it reduces the enlarged size of the stomach and thus reduces the amount of food that a person eats.

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