Eating unhealthy foods disrupts the sense of smell

Foods saturated with fat disrupt the sense of smell


A new American study has shown that eating unhealthy foods containing a high percentage of fat leads, in the long run, to a weakening and disruption of the sense of smell.


The study conducted at the Neurological Research Center at the University of Florida showed that the high level of fat in the body is what affects and weakens the sense of smell in the body.


A diet containing high levels of fat accumulated in the body has a negative effect on the nerve cells in the areas responsible for activating the sense of smell in the brain and disrupting their function.


This study comes as an addition to the negative health ills that result from eating such unhealthy foods, including obesity, high cholesterol, suffering from diabetes, heart problems, and others.


The study proved that increasing the percentage of body fat leads to the damage of about fifty percent of the brain’s nerve cells that perform the function of the sense of smell in general.


To prove its results, the study relied on experiments and research conducted in laboratories on the weakening of the sense of smell after eating unhealthy foods saturated with fat for long periods of time.


Unhealthy foods in diet groups are described as not containing any nutritional value and having a negative impact on health in general, the most famous of which is fast food.


The main effect is the imbalance of some body functions, even if the possibility of them being affected is remote, resulting from an imbalance in blood chemistry and an imbalance of sugar in it, as a result of high levels of fats in the blood and their accumulation in the body in general.


This study, whose main research topic was the long-term negative consequences of obesity on health, comes to show this discovery that more than two-thirds of the population in America may suffer from after federal health statistics showed that this is the percentage of obesity in American society in general.

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