Wrong nutritional beliefs that make your diet fail

Most women follow a specific diet maintain their fitness, and most of the time they resort to eating some foods that they believe contain fewer calories than others.


“My Family” will explain to you some of the wrong beliefs in this area.


You think that low-fat milk contains a much lower percentage of fat than full-fat milk. You are wrong, ma’am, because low-fat milk contains 2% fat while whole milk contains 3%.


Some people believe that brown eggs are more nutritious than white eggs. This is also a common mistake, as the color of the eggs has nothing to do with it, and there is no difference between the two types in terms of nutritional value. They both contain the same nutritional elements and the same composition of the shell and yolk. The only difference is the price. Brown is more expensive than white.


As for frozen fruits and vegetables, they are better than fresh ones because fresh ones lose part of their health properties as a result of packaging and transportation, in addition to keeping them harvested for days before eating them will affect their nutritional value. As for those prepared for sale frozen, they are usually picked, canned, and frozen. in the same day.


White sugar also contains the same calories as brown sugar, the only difference between them is in color, due to the addition of molasses to white sugar, which turns it brown.


Black tea is originally green tea. It undergoes a fermentation process when its leaves are crushed and dried, turning it black.



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