How to strengthen your immune system? .. Here are four tips


After the spread of the Coronavirus, many are seeking the best tricks to strengthen the immune system in the body.

And as the seventh day website quoted the “webmed” website, there are several ways to strengthen the immune system in general and to reduce infection with the Corona virus in particular.

What is the internal immune system?

The internal immune system plays an important role in the health and lives of people, as it works to combat viruses that attack the body, and a good balance must be maintained in the body so that the immune system in the body works strongly.

The internal immune system is the basis for preventing viruses that infect the body, and it helps to overcome any kind of infection.

Things that weaken the immune system

There are many things that increase the chances of a weak immune system, including:

-Tension and anxiety are the main enemy of the immune system, which increases the chances of exposure to its weakness, and increases the chances of infection with viral diseases, as negative feelings have a big role in the weakness of his work, so you must control your emotions, and reduce the feeling and injury of tension, anxiety and psychological pressure.

– Having chronic diseases increases the chances of weakening the immune system significantly and significantly, and therefore you must constantly follow up with the doctor to regulate the proportion of these diseases.

Lack of sleep is one of the leading causes of a weak immune system, and it must be timed by getting enough sleep.

Obesity is one of the reasons leading to a weak immune system, so you have to get rid of the extra weight.

Smoking has a great role in weakening the immune system, and therefore it must be avoided and quit.

Strengthening the immune system

There are many tips that must be done, to strengthen the immune system and reduce its vulnerability to weakness, including:

Pay attention to eating foods rich in many nutrients, such as vitamin C, B, D, and A, as well as iron, zinc, phosphorous, and calcium, all of these elements have a great role in strengthening the immune system.

Get a good night’s sleep.

Drinking more water has a great role in strengthening the immune system.

– Increasing the exercise of activity and movement because it stimulates blood circulation in the body, and thus works to strengthen the immune system.

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