How to remove facial hair with a blade

Removing facial hair with a razor, we explain to you step by step the correct way to do this, because it is the quick way to get rid of excess hair using auxiliary natural ingredients, in addition to clarifying whether getting rid of facial hair with a razor intensifies hair, follow us dear details of the following article to learn how to do that Professionally, for all new, follow us on Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram and Telegram.


How to remove facial hair with a blade, components, method of use.


Ingredients: Cleanser, face wash or aloe vera gel, face or body oil or shaving cream, face brush, foundation, foundation, wet sponge, setting powder, contour, alcohol and cloth.


How to use:


Wash your skin with a gentle cleanser and dry it with a soft cloth. Before using the razor for hair removal, apply an amount of oil or cream to avoid skin irritation. Before using the razor, sanitize the blades well with alcohol. Now use the razor at a 45-degree angle to the skin, then go down toward the Jaw to remove hair.Do not shave the hair from the bottom up, so that the hair does not appear under the skin.Remove the remnants of oil from your face with a soft cloth.Now with a brush or with your fingertips, distribute an amount of aloe vera gel or face lotion to moisturize the skin and get rid of redness.After you know On the right way to get rid of facial hair, apply the cosmetics in the following manner. Using a wet sponge, distribute the foundation or foundation cream on your face evenly. Distribute the setting powder using the brush, then the contour, then blush.

Remove facial hair with mousse and Vaseline.


Here, my dear, is another way to help you remove excess hair in an easy and simple way. First, moisten your skin with Vaseline, immediately after showering, then apply a gel or cream, then use the razor in the same direction as the hair growth, not in the opposite direction. After the hair removal process is completed, do not forget to put Moisturizing cream.


Does a razor thicken hair?


There is a great difference between the opinions of women and girls about the use of razors and razors to get rid of excess hair, as a large percentage confirmed that the razor is an effective way to remove excess facial hair and gives promising results. On the other hand, there are experiments confirming that the razor may cause intense hair growth, But either way you should use good, original blades.