How do you apply Angelina Jolie’s eye makeup?

Angelina Jolie’s eye makeup, we explain it to you with step-by-step pictures, the beautiful star Angelina Jolie continues to fascinate us with her elegance and elegance.

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How to apply Angelina Jolie eye makeupThe necessary tools.How to apply.Quick tips.


Necessary tools:


Eyeshadows, eyeliners, mascara, makeup brushes, false eyelashes (optional step)


Application method:


The first step in applying Angelina Jolie’s eye makeup is to carefully distribute the primer on the entire face with the appropriate brush, taking care to blend it with the skin well.

To get the distinctive look of Angelina’s eyes, define the crease area in your eyes with a very light eyeshadow, using a soft brush, where you can apply it Exactly, in the place where you feel the eyeball. Now, apply on the crease area of ​​the eyelids, an eyeshadow or eyeshadow in brown, while the rest of the eyelid choose a soft color or a transparent shade, this trick is used by the beautiful star Angelina Jolie to give the impression that the eyelids are full.

Now with the same brown shades , distribute it on the lower eyelid of the eyes, and focus on the outer corners of the eyes, you can add loosing powder and loose powder on the eyelids also to install the makeup, then make sure to fill in the spaces of the eyebrows. Then after finishing, and to get eye makeup like Julie, start by drawing your eyes with eyeliner or classic black eyeliner, and distribute the eyeliner thickly on the upper lash line. After finishing, complete your eye makeup look like Julie, and distribute diamonds Kara on your eyelashes, whether natural or artificial, apply 3 layers of mascara after curling the eyelashes upwards.Now distribute the lipstick in pink, pink or light purple, then add the transparent gloss.

  • Quick tips

when applying false eyelashes to get Angelina Jolie’s distinctive eye makeup, Use a third of the volume to apply eyelashes in an easy way. Mascara can be applied to your eyelashes before curling them. If there are spaces between false or real eyelashes, distribute liquid eyeliner between them.

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