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A natural mixture to exfoliate the body and clear it from stains - Care Beauty

A natural mixture to exfoliate the body and clear it from stains

A natural mixture to exfoliate the body, filter it and eliminate the dark spots in it. Adopt it, my lady, to get super smoothness, attractiveness, and greatness, as the purity of the body and getting rid of stains is one of the things that women seek to obtain and achieve, so do not hesitate to search for natural solutions that are provided by the lady. Nature is yours, and adopt it to get rid of all skin problems and eliminate pigmentation that makes you unhappy with what you see in yourself, especially if the spots are dark and pigmentation is noticeably prominent.


Here, through your favorite magazine, “carebeautyco.com Magazine”, we suggest to you, Madam, these distinctive natural recipes that have been tried, and achieved a high rate of success by women, as they hide body defects from dark spots, no matter how old, you eliminate them using this mixture that we offer you Which you will not regret trying it, and you will not think to change it or give it up after that.


A natural mixture to exfoliate the body using white clay:

Use the white lye


All women want to have a bright white and smooth body without spots or pigmentation, so we suggest you, Madam, a natural mixture to exfoliate the body for weddings and occasions, which makes the body pure white, and makes the body clear and free of stains, and it also works strongly to remove old and modern pigmentation of any kind. .


All you will need is a box of natural yoghurt, a quantity of white clay, two tablespoons of ground almonds, a quantity of grated Dove soap and a tablespoon of rose water. Leave it until it dries, then rub your body and wash with water and you will notice the amount of sediment that will be removed. You can repeat the recipe every day for 5 days and you will see the tremendous result that you will get.


A natural mixture to exfoliate the body using the black seed:

Every girl wants to have a pure white body without black spots or impurities and seeks to do so in every way. That’s why we bring you this natural mixture to exfoliate the body, and it is an ideal recipe that gives you what you dream of, a simple recipe consisting of natural materials available in every home, try it and see for yourself for an effective result.


You will need a spoonful of crushed black seed or milk, mix the two ingredients well and apply this mixture to the body and face and rub it in circular motions for 10 minutes, then leave the mixture on your body for half an hour and then wash the body, and it is preferable to adopt this mixture when you go to the bathroom It is preferable to adopt it before anything else.





A natural mixture to exfoliate the body using rosemary:


Use the rosemary


For all those who wish to have a white and smooth body free of pigmentation and spots, no matter how old, where the body becomes uniform in color through the application of a natural mixture to exfoliate the body and filter it, and it is one of the powerful recipes that give perfect results that we suggest to you, Madam.

You will need a spoon of ground rosemary, a spoon of ground thyme, a spoon of natural henna, then 3 spoons of lemon juice, a spoon of green clay and two spoons of natural yoghurt, after you mix all the ingredients, apply it on your body and leave it until it It dries completely, then rub it and gently remove it from your gym before you go to the bathroom. After you enter the bathroom, rinse and you will see how the recipe will remove all impurities from your body, no matter how old they are.


Important tip:


Natural recipes are among the important things that a woman needs in her life to be radiant and distinctive in her appearance, and she must choose the proven and guaranteed recipes that achieve the results she desires, and among them is this ideal recipe that we suggest to you, because it is guaranteed and achieved many results, and I used it Lots of women, just try it out and see for yourself.