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How to reduce hair growth

There is no doubt that the process of removing excess hair from your body is a concern that accompanies you daily, especially in the summer. You may do the process of removing excess hair on a regular basis, but despite your experience, you may make some common mistakes.

Draw your attention to it, save it so that you do not commit it after today.


Here’s how to reduce hair growth:


Hair removal before showering:

You may think that it is preferable to remove the excess hair and shower after it to ensure a final cleanliness, but the process of moisturizing the skin and exfoliating it, contributes to reducing the rate of hair growth in the opposite way. Thus, epilation after showering and exfoliating the skin is a good way to ensure a smooth and shining complexion.


Hair removal while showering in hot water:

Passing the razor over your skin while taking a hot shower will not guarantee complete hair removal, because the heat works to inflate the skin and therefore you will not be able to shave the hair from its roots. So use cold water that tightens the skin and highlights even the thinnest hairs.


Morning hair removal:

To ensure complete removal of hair from your body, do not choose the morning as a time for this. In the morning your skin will be swollen and swollen from sleeping all night, which will hide some hairs and you will not be able to remove them completely. So choose the evening as a time to remove hair, before you go to sleep.


Finally, I advise you not to remove excess hair when your period is near, because the hormonal changes in this period do not guarantee that the hair will not appear after a short period of removal, in addition to the pain that you feel during the process of hair removal and the slight bleeding that may occur.

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