How to prevent health at home

How is health prevention inside the home, and what are the procedures and advice that you must follow, my dear, to protect your safety and preserve the health of your family members?


Health prevention inside the home is an important part of maintaining your health, personal safety, and the health of your family members. Learn about the most important healthy habits that help us avoid diseases


Tips and procedures


From here, here are some tips and actions you can take to maintain a healthy and clean home environment


Hand washing: Make sure to wash your hands regularly with soap and water for at least 20 seconds, especially before eating, after using the bathroom, and after returning from outside.


Cleaning and sterilizing surfaces: Constantly clean and wipe common surfaces inside the home, such as door handles, table tops, and remote controls, using appropriate cleaners and sterilize them periodically.


Use of mouth and nose protection: In the event of disease symptoms or when interacting with other people outside the family, protective masks for the face and nose must be used.


Social distancing: Try to maintain a safe social distance from people who are not members of your family to reduce the transmission of infectious diseases.


Home ventilation: Maintain good ventilation inside the home by opening windows regularly to circulate fresh air.


Proper food storage: Store food properly in the refrigerator and freezer and avoid leaving food exposed to contamination.


Personal hygiene: Maintain personal hygiene by bathing regularly, cleaning nails and hair, and changing clothes regularly.


Sleep and healthy nutrition: Eat healthy, balanced meals and try to get enough sleep.


Exercise: Do regular exercise at home to maintain your physical fitness.

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