How to lose weight in 5 days  

How to lose weight in 5 days


Losing weight quickly is a dream that haunts everyone. They try to search for harsh diets to lose weight quickly despite the harm they cause to the body. Some people may become bored with dieting, so they stop dieting and compensate by resorting to eating in large quantities again, which is the reason for gaining weight again, but it is easy. Is it possible to lose weight quickly?


Yes, it is possible to lose weight quickly just by wanting to learn the basic rules of the daily routine, and “Your Health Today” offers the most famous tips to help you lose weight quickly and effectively:


– Breakfast: It is considered very important in the way of losing weight quickly. Eating a large breakfast rich in nutrients helps increase the metabolic rate within the cells and speed up the weight loss process. Eating a meal of oatmeal with milk and pieces of fruit or a piece of toast with boiled eggs is a healthy meal that guarantees Not being hungry for a long time and helping stimulate the body to burn fat.


– Fruit before meals: Eating apples or bananas five minutes before meals helps you feel full quickly and eat smaller amounts of food. It also contains an amount of fiber that helps regulate the digestion process, fills the stomach and makes you feel full, which prompts the body to burn more calories.


– Deep breathing: Oxygen is the first enemy of fat, so try to take a deep breath every day for 5-10 minutes. This will help fill the blood with oxygen, which helps increase the rate of fat burning within the body’s cells and thus lose weight.


– Reducing calories: Do you know that simply sitting in front of the television or computer screen causes your body to burn fat, and although it is small, it is effective. Do not protect your body from burning stored fat by eating high-calorie meals that prevent the burning of stored fat. Watch carefully the amount of calories. Daily calories.


– Eating nuts: Some people may think that eating nuts is harmful to the diet, and this is a big mistake, as the body needs some fats to build cells, but unsaturated fats, of which nuts are one of the richest sources, so eating a small handful of almonds, pistachios, and walnuts daily helps the body to be filled with beneficial fats, which makes me It gets rid of harmful fats stored inside.


– Sports are the most important ways to lose weight: If you want to follow diet programs without exercising, you will get bored and frustrated for a while due to not losing weight. This is because the body adapts itself to the lack of calories during dieting, and exercising for half an hour a day is the deadly weapon to lose weight quickly. And push the body to burn more fat


– Drinking water to cleanse the body: Water is a vital element within the body’s cells, and drinking plenty of water has many benefits during dieting, including getting rid of accumulated toxins, filling the stomach and feeling full, and reducing the amount of food.

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