How to keep your perfume smelling longer


How to keep your perfume smelling longer

If you are a perfume lover, interested in it and want to preserve your perfumes for a longer period, then we will tell you how to extend the life of your perfume?

– It is important to know that light, whether natural or not, harms the quality of the perfume and harms its quality, and some perfume bottles respect this condition and are originally made of dark or tinted glass, except that others are made of light and thin glass, so it is better to Keep your perfume bottles in a dark place.

– The high temperature as well as the light, you can easily dissolve the chemicals in the perfume, which reduces the smell and dazzles it, so keep the perfume in a place with a natural temperature so that your perfume is not exposed to the temperature difference because that harms it.

Humidity is one of the enemies of perfumes, so if you are one of those who keep perfume bottles in the bathroom, change your idea of ​​this unless you put the bottles in a tightly closed cupboard away from steam.

Do not open perfume bottles continuously and do not remove their caps from them, on the other hand, make sure not to shake the bottle, or gases will react in it and lose its quality.

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