The finest tips to preserve your beauty after marriage


The finest tips to preserve your beauty after marriage

We notice that after marriage, our beauty is less than it was before the birth, and it returns to our preoccupation with the house and the children. Today I want to make you like your beauty first and better when you follow the following advice and give us your opinion

The finest tips to preserve your beauty after marriage

1- Weight

Make sure that you measure your weight every period in order to test the extent of your weight gain or decrease as a result of following a certain diet or as a result of neglecting your meals, as you know that neglecting meals and not organizing their times and eating what does not benefit the body makes you vulnerable to weight gain and thus you will lose your agility. You’ve always gotten used to it before.

2- Skin

You used to allocate certain times before your marriage to do masks for the skin in order to keep it pure and wonderful, but now you do not do these masks due to your preoccupation with other things, but there is no objection to painting masks and performing household tasks with them or doing them while you watch on TV programs.

3- Poetry

Your friends were jealous of you for having long and soft hair, just as your husband turned to you before to express his admiration for you, this was a result of your care for him, but now you are satisfied with styling it in the form of a bun so that it does not bother you while performing household tasks, there is no need for this hairstyle anymore and renew your hairstyle. To get what you were getting from sentences expressing its magnificence and beauty.

4- Clothes

Many of your friends asked you before you go shopping with them to buy a new set of clothes because they trust your choices, but now you do not have the time to go to the store to choose a new set of clothes, just remember how your friends took care of your elegance and your unique style in choosing clothes and make your choice Good time to do the shopping job.

5- Sports

You may be one of those who have been obese after marriage and have overcome this problem, but you are bothered by the sagging skin left by weight loss and you want to get rid of it, because sport is the most important element of treatment for this problem and other problems, so make sure to allocate enough time every day to practice sports, especially the one known as the Swedish sport which you can Exercise it at home, and by doing this, you will get a huge boost of activity and vitality that will help you accomplish your tiring day tasks and get a taut and wonderful body

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