How to dye the ends of hair blue


In every period, fresh and different hair styles and colors appear that give you a modern style that keeps pace with fashion lines. The lovers of this color and the fear of dyeing your entire hair, we offer you a modern way to dye its ends, here are the steps.

Tips before the blue dye

The blue color is one of the bold colors that suit many women with different skin colors, and you must consider choosing its color along with the original hair color, which is a distinctive color that adds renewal to your style and gives you a feeling of vitality, but it needs special attention and attention in terms of hair care and care of the dye itself; Because these colors diminish the intensity of their color and shine after a short period of time, i.e. about three weeks or less; As a result of being affected by many factors, such as the use of hair creams containing keratin, which removes the dye from the hair, in addition to exposing the hair to daily heat, such as hair straightening devices that lighten the color and remove it.

Steps to dye the ends of the hair blue

Dye hair ends blue

Before dyeing the hair blue, the girl should postpone washing the hair for two or three days before the implementation of her dyeing; This is to protect the scalp from the effects of chemicals in the dye, as the accumulation of sebum secretions at the roots of the hair protects it from damage to the dye on the hair and scalp, then put a cloth insulation on the shoulders; So that the clothes do not get dirty with dye stains, put on hand gloves, and prepare a set of aluminum foil pieces to wrap the dyed hair and divide the hair into four main sides; Part on the left ear, part on the right ear, upper part ie over the head, and back part, then follow the directions printed on the dye box completely; To get the desired mixture, brush each strand individually to the center only by dipping a dye brush with a little mixture, then wrapping it with tin foil, and leaving it for about half an hour before loosening it, and wash the hair after loosening the aluminum foil completely with lukewarm water alone, then re-wash it with the appropriate shampoo For good hair quality; To get rid of traces of dye, moisturize it with your favorite conditioner.

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