How to clean your liver of toxins in five natural ways

– Warm water with lemon juice: This is a great way to clean your liver every morning. This is not lemonade, so do not add sugar or anything else. All you have to do is pour the water and add a healthy amount of fresh lemon juice. Some experts, such as A.F. Beddoe, who wrote “Biological Ionization as Applied to Human Nutrition,” states that the liver responds to water and acid and produces more yeast than it does with any other product.





2-    Garlic:


Add some garlic to your cooked dishes or chop a clove of garlic and add it to your salad. Garlic contains sulfur compounds that can help activate enzymes in the liver. It contains allicin and selenium, both of which are good for protecting the liver.




3-    Avocado:


As if you needed another reason to add avocados to your diet. A Japanese study found that avocados contain compounds that can protect the liver from damage. When compared to eleven other fruits, avocados were found to be the most promising in protecting the liver from galactosamine, a powerful toxin that has been shown to cause liver damage similar to viral hepatitis in humans.


4-   Coriander:


This versatile plant can be added to just about any dish, including salads or drinks. This plant helps remove heavy metals from the body, metals that your liver may be struggling to get rid of right now.


5-    Turmeric:


Another spice with a long list of benefits, turmeric is said to not only protect the liver from damage but also encourage liver cell regeneration. It also increases the secretion of natural bile and helps keep the body free of toxins. Cleaning the liver is very necessary, so do not hesitate to adopt these solutions to clean the liver immediately.


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