Benefits of dark chocolate for the arteries and heart

A Dutch study showed that eating chocolate that contains a high percentage of cocoa is very beneficial for the functioning of the heart and blood vessels. Professor Lydia Afman from the Dutch Wageningen University said, “Chocolate is a very popular product and is highly appreciated, not only for its taste, but it turns out that it has benefits for the heart and arteries.” .

Afman added, “We wanted, in partnership with the Department of Human Nutrition at the university, to understand how this food substance, which consists of fats, sugar, and cocoa, which provides the body with energy, is good for the heart and the functions of blood vessels, and studies have actually proven that it improves circulatory functions – according to the newspaper “Le Figaro.” ” French.

The study proved that dark chocolate works to reduce atherosclerosis, which is caused by tobacco, high blood cholesterol, diabetes, and high blood pressure because it improves blood flow.
An individual should consume the equivalent of 70 grams of dark chocolate, which contains flavonols extracted from cocoa, per day. However, those who suffer from obesity should stay away from all types of chocolate.

Dark chocolate is considered less sweet and lower in the amount of fat than regular and white chocolate, and it does not add additional weight to the body.

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