To lose weight, try changing the way you prepare food

Nutrition experts have confirmed that food preparation methods are one of the most common reasons that cause obesity for some people, and keep others fit and thin, so that incorrect methods often include methods that help in gaining weight in the long term.


German nutrition expert Alexandra Burchard-Becker said: People who want to lose weight continuously must change their eating habits and the cooking methods they use, as choosing food ingredients, quantity, and method of preparation are important elements in weight loss.


Alexandra – an expert at the German Association for Consumer Protection in Berlin – explained that fat and sugar represent the biggest obstacles facing people who want to lose weight, pointing out that these people can control this very easily by eating dairy products, because their fat content is written on the label. Always refills.


The German News Agency quoted the expert as confirming that there are good alternatives to full-fat cheese, whose fat content reaches 60%. Likewise, cream cheese, whose fat content reaches 40%, can be replaced with sour cream, the fat content of which is only 10%.


To reduce the sugar content in food, Alexandra advised reducing the amount of sugar used to prepare baked goods and sweets, as it is often enough to put two-thirds of the amount of sugar stated in the preparation instructions printed on the package.


Hard dough, buttermilk dough, and sourdough can also be prepared without adding sugar, especially if they are topped with some candied fruits.


Alexandra added that fat is found in large quantities in sweet cream, and is usually used in excess in soups, sauces and desserts, pointing out that when preparing “potato gratin” in the oven, for example, it is possible to replace sweet cream with milk.


To prepare vegetable soup without having to add cream to it, Baker explained that this can be done by adding “potato purée” to the soup, pointing out that it will thus acquire a creamy texture, especially if the soup ingredients are additionally mashed after that, and then it is possible to dispense with Add cream.


For those who want to add some fat to food in general, the expert advises them to use powdered milk, which contains only 4% fat, instead of whipped cream.


She emphasized that it is also possible to reduce the amount of fat in food by choosing the appropriate preparation method. For example, “sautéing” (frying cut food in a small amount of oil over high heat for a short period) or steaming is the ideal way to cook vegetables, while cooking is the best way to cook vegetables. In the oven grill, in a roasting bag designated for the oven, or in a coated pan without adding any fat is the most appropriate way to cook meat.


As for those who cannot do without the taste of fat in food, Alexandra advises them not to use large quantities of it, pointing out that large quantities of oil are usually used when poured directly from the bottle, so it is best to put a small amount of it in the pan using a brush. Half a spoon is enough to give flavor to the food.

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