How to apply eye contour cream

You’ve probably never taken full advantage of your eye cream. Although these creams are known exclusively for their effectiveness and ability to remove dark circles and puffiness, they can also treat some other problems. Discover how to use and apply this product in the most appropriate way, and find out which formula suits your skin.

First: Determine the source of your initial concern, by asking whether there are dark circles, puffiness, or wrinkled lines around the eyes.

To prevent wrinkles, resort to an eye cream rich in retinol or antioxidants. But if your problem is tired and puffy eyes, we advise you to resort to a “gel” with nourishing ingredients such as caffeine. If you want to divert attention from fine wrinkles, use a cream containing vitamin K.

Application method:

1. You need to put a small dot under each eye in the morning and evening after using the moisturizing cream.

2. Apply the cream gently, as the skin surrounding the eyes is very sensitive. Dab the cream with your fingertips, around the eye area, i.e. under the eye, all the way to the outer bone and upper corners, and up towards the eyebrows. Move your fingers in a circle and do not put pressure on the skin.

3. If wrinkled lines around the eyes are causing you problems, make sure that the cream penetrates into the cracks in the corners.

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