5 daily habits to brighten your skin

Time may pass and you forget to follow up, only to find yourself after a while with dull and dull skin and split hair.

Nails are brittle and easy to break, so you start trying some types of natural treatments and recipes

To return with your skin radiant and fresh, but to no avail. Will regret help you then?

Certainly not, so we advise you to change your wrong lifestyle in order to enjoy radiant skin free from damage.

We present to you the most important steps to do this through the following:



1. Moisturize your hands constantly: The skin on your hands is considered more delicate than the rest of your body, so your hands will be one of the fastest places to appear.

They show signs of aging, so you should keep them away from detergents whenever possible and take care

Apply sunscreen on them before leaving the house, and moisturize them continuously.


2. Avoid foods that stain your teeth: Healthy teeth are a clear sign of good health and youth.

Therefore, you should stay away from foods that spoil and stain your teeth.

It negatively affects the appearance of your skin. You should also be careful to brush your teeth

Brushing it daily to protect it from yellowing, and visiting the doctor for periodic examination twice a year.


3. Regular exercise: Exercise improves blood circulation.

Which increases the freshness of your skin, and makes you healthy with radiant skin,

Therefore, you should exercise as a daily habit to keep your skin fresh, and if you do not have the time

Enough to do this, make sure to do simple exercises or yoga 3 times a week in your home.


4. Stay away from phone addiction: Looking down at your phone helps neck wrinkles appear, and it also strains your eyes.

This leads to signs of fatigue appearing on them, so you should reduce the hours you use the phone and replace them with other activities.


5. Apply sunscreen at least a quarter of an hour before leaving the house: You may be among those who are keen on

Apply sunscreen before leaving the house,

But you put it on at the wrong time, so you have to put it on before leaving the house

At least a quarter of an hour to give your skin enough time to absorb the ingredients of the cream

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