How to apply concealer


Choosing a concealer

At first, a good choice of concealer is required, it must be a brand that is known that its products include the best concealer for the skin and famous for the quality of its raw materials.

The concealer is available from the world’s most famous makeup companies such as Maybelline concealer, MAC makeup brand, Sephora and Revlon, among others.

When choosing a concealer, you need to be careful and look for the most suitable color for the skin color, it is not darker than the skin color and not too open.

When choosing a concealer color, it is preferable that the color tone is open from the base cream degree one or two degrees.

Areas where the concealer is placed

Concealer is applied to darker areas of skin color such as the under eye area and to dark spots for uniformity of color.

Concealer is applied to grains, pimples, scars and thin lines of the skin.

Methods of using concealer

To give concealer the desired result it must be used correctly so as not to give the opposite results and for each skin area the way the concealer is placed.

The concealer is applied to all areas that are darker than the rest of the face, then lightly blended outwards, and the foundation cream is applied over the concealer layer.

The final step is to use a regular powder to fix and extinguish the shine on the face, and apply a little more to the areas where the concealer is applied.

It is recommended to moisturize the face first before applying concealer and makeup in general.

Method of applying concealer for dark circles

The concealer is applied under the eyes after applying a liquid foundation to blend together and give the desired result.

It is placed in the corners of the eyes as well, and does not pull out too much.

 Lightly press the concealer after applying using a concealer brush or beauty blinder, and do not wipe it so as not to cause lumps under the eyes.

And to fix the concealer for a long time a little loose powder is applied.

If the skin is oily, liquid concealer is recommended. 

Method of applying concealer for scars

The type of concealer varies depending on the type of scar to hide.

If the scar is flat, it is recommended to use a matte concealer that is somewhat heavier, and it is also important to apply a fixing powder after the concealer is finished.

Method of applying concealer for fine bristles

In the case of fine veins and bristles on the skin, the use of concealer is a slightly different way

Initially, the foundation or foundation is applied to the areas with these veins.

Then select these bristles using a concealer, then lightly mix the concealer with a finger or a custom sponge, then apply a small amount of foundation cream again.

After patting the skin and combining the make-up well, loose powder is applied for fixation.

Method of applying concealer to dark areas around the mouth

Some suffer from dark areas around the mouth, as it is a thin area and is affected by some external factors that contribute to its darkening

To apply concealer in this area we choose a light color concealer, a small amount of it is placed on the entire dark area around the mouth and then lightly blended out

Then the foundation cream is applied over the concealer layer, after they are well combined on the skin, the powder is applied.

Using concealer without foundation

If you don’t apply foundation and use concealer alone, several steps should be taken to achieve perfect skin.

First use a light-colored concealer to mask the spots, then use another that is in the same tone as the skin.

The concealer is distributed correctly and incorporated well into the skin without wiping it but only patting and lightly pressing until it is fully incorporated.

After making sure the skin tone is not uneven, the powder is applied to give the skin a clear and delicate appearance.

Concealer For Oily Skin

When choosing a concealer for oily skin it is necessary to choose a suitable type for it, and there are types that exist specifically for oily skin that help not to clog pores.

Clean the skin with the right lotion well before applying the concealer, and also wash it well when you get rid of makeup.

The powder that is finally applied after the concealer and foundation cream must be special for oily skin.

It is best to rely on natural preparations in case of pills or infections of oily skin so that its condition does not worsen.

Mistakes to avoid when using concealer

Use the same concealer for the under eye area and for pimples, because pimples need concealer drier and slightly lighter than concealer for dark circles.

In some cases, applying the concealer before the foundation gives unsatisfactory results, so if the skin does not have many defects to hide, then The Shape of the makeup may be inappropriate especially if it is daytime.

Use the normal concealer used for the rest of the face for dark circles, sometimes the area under the eye needs a concealer first in a peach color, to balance the color and then the normal concealer can be placed.

Do not Mix Concealer well, whether it is with fingers or brushing, mix lightly and in a correct way that does not cause skin lumps.

The use of tools that are not suitable when integrating the concealer on the skin, the best way to combine is to use the fingers gently or use the small slightly pointed sponge suitable for eye use, and for the dark areas of the face is suitable is to use the concealer brush, which has a rather solid and pointed tip, or

It helps to stabilize the concealer and give the face a matte appearance, but the choice of powder is also an important factor.

Using an old or expired concealer, it is necessary to make sure the validity of the product because if it lasts a long time will change its color and smell and will become dry than normal, as the color change of the concealer even if it is not old indicates that the product is bad or exposed to external factors that led to

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