How do you make your pregnancy healthy


Pregnancy is a difficult stage for women, both physically and psychologically, and you have to take care of yourself before and during pregnancy  in order to have a problem-free pregnancy and enjoy good health 


1- Go to the doctor as soon as you find out that you are pregnant:

As soon as you find out that you are pregnant, you should go to a specialized doctor so that he can conduct the necessary tests for you and give you the necessary medication.

2- Eat well:

When you are pregnant, you need to be well nourished, so follow these tips:

  •  Eat vegetables and fruits at least five times a day.
  • You have to eat a lot of carbohydrates such as rice and pasta as the main portion of your meal.
  • Take care to eat foods containing protein , such as fish, lean meats , eggs nuts or grains , and some milk and dairy products. You should   eat two servings of fish per week .

3- Take nutritional supplements:

Pregnancy vitamin supplementation is not a substitute for a balanced diet . But it can help if you are not able to eat a lot of food.

  • You should take folic acid, especially in the first three months, to avoid any malformation in the fetus.
  • Vitamin D is important for your child’s health, especially for future bone  formation .
  • If you are on a low income , you may be able to obtain pregnancy vitamin supplements for free through government health offices.
  • If you don’t eat fish , fish oil supplements may be helpful, just consult your doctor before taking them.

4- Be careful of food hygiene:

Contaminated foods may cause some viruses and microbes that may affect the safety of your pregnancy, especially Listeria infection . Foods that contain this infection include:

  • Ready-made steaks  of any kind
  • unpasteurized milk
  • Undercooked  ready meals
  • Blue cheese like Roquefort.

Listeria bacteria are destroyed by heat , so make sure you reheat prepared meals well.

5- Exercising regularly:
Regular exercise has many benefits for mothers. It buildsup your strength and endurance,helpsyou deal better with extra pregnancy weight and makes it
easier to return to your pre-pregnancy weight.
You can practice many sports such as brisk walking, swimming and yoga
If you find yourself tired from sports or afraid of falling, you can stop it immediately.


6. Pelvic floor exercises:

The pelvic floor is surrounded by some muscles that contribute to easy childbirth and also help you bear the pain caused by the weight of the abdomen due to the camel and the pressure on the pelvis.

7. Cut back on caffeine.

There are concerns that too much caffeine may increase the risk of miscarriage ,  and it is believed that too much caffeine may contribute to the risk of a low birth weight baby .

You should reduce or cut out caffeine, especially in the first three months of pregnancy.



9- Stop smoking :

Smoking uring pregnancy can cause serious health problems for you and your baby .

10. Get some rest

You will feel very tired during pregnancy, but you should try to take enough rest and sleep and if you cannot sleep, you should rest and relax, even for 30 minutes, whenever you feel tired

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