How do we control overweight and obesity?

When you decide to lose weight, you must consult a doctor and undergo a complete examination before starting a weight loss program. You can also benefit from consulting a nutritionist.

In addition to the above, obese people may need specific counseling, especially if the person suffers from people’s perception of him as guilty and of little use. The first step in psychological treatment is to remove this feeling and treat the person as having a medical problem.

Diet. Any reduction in food includes a reduction in calories; For example, if a person’s daily need is 3,000 calories to maintain the body’s vitality, then in this case the person must take 2,000 calories per day, so that he can get rid of about 0.9 kg within one week. Rapid weight loss beyond this rate will have a harmful effect on health.

The food to be used for the purpose of weight loss must be well evaluated, so that it contains all the distinct and necessary nutrients for the body. There is no evidence that eating a diet that contains little of a particular nutrient, such as a diet low in carbohydrates or protein, or a diet that contains only one nutrient, has an advantage over eating a diet that contains balanced nutrients. See: nutrition. In addition to the above, the food to be used to reduce weight must have a good taste and can be purchased and cooked easily.

A person who wants to lose weight must read and study the tables that show the number of calories or calorie content in different foods. Many people believe that some foods, such as french fries and bread, contain a greater amount of calories than they actually contain. They also believe that there are other foods, such as meat, that contain fewer calories than they actually contain.

As for the process of distributing the calories taken between main meals and other snacks, it is up to the person. Some people divide main meals into 4 or 5 snacks per day to avoid feeling hungry. While there are other people who can follow a diet consisting of only three main meals.

Exercise. People who want to reduce their weight must do certain exercises. Any sudden and prolonged exercise program should be avoided in obese and healthy people, because it has a harmful effect on the heart. The exercise program must begin gradually. One of the best ways is for a person to start the exercise with daily walking and gradually increase the walking duration. When a person loses weight and is athletically fit, he can add other exercises.

Surgery. When a person is so obese that obesity threatens his life, and he cannot follow a diet to lose weight, surgery must be performed to reduce the size of the stomach. Examples of these operations include gastroplasty or gastric stapling, where the surgeon sutures a large part of the stomach, and in this case, the patient eats a small amount that is sufficient to feel full.

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