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Benefits of olives

Benefits of olives


The leaves have an astringent and sterilizing effect, and boiling the leaves is used as a strong antipyretic. The tree peel also has an antipyretic effect.


2. Olive leaf contains natural compounds that kill microbes and types of viruses and fungi.


3. Olive leaf treats a newly diagnosed disease (CFS) Chronic Fatigue Syndrome 5.


4. Olive leaf treats the disease caused by a virus called herpes.




5 Olive leaf helps relieve the symptoms of patients suffering from HIV infection. Olive leaf strengthens the immune system and gives the body supplies and ammunition to fight infections.


6. Olive leaf combats weakness and fatigue in the body, and the pain that results from chronic and serious diseases such as AIDS and cancer. It improves the patient’s life and combats the viruses that cause these diseases in two ways. The first is by preventing the reproduction of viruses, and the second: By stimulating and activating the immune systems to produce special cells that fight viruses.


7. Olive leaf is used to treat colds and influenza diseases that cannot be treated with anti-inflammatory drugs.


8. Olive oil and olive leaf are beneficial for heart disease, as animal studies prove that they lower blood pressure and lower cholesterol.


9. Olive oil softens nature.


10. It softens the skin and face, and is used in the manufacture of facial oils, creams and soap.


11. Applying olive oil removes itching, treats skin breakdown, scalds, and inflammation, and treats cuts, burns, fire burns, and sunstroke burns. 12. Olive oil is used by adding medications and drugs to it in skin and fat treatments, and olive oil strengthens hair. It gives it shine and activity. 13. Boiled olive leaves help reduce blood sugar levels.


14. Treats muscle and joint spasms and pain.


15. Olive oil is a diuretic and helps remove stones and sand from the kidneys through urine.


16. Olive oil treats chest diseases and is used in typhoid, scarlet fever, and plague.


17. Olive oil is used for enemas.


18. Scientific research has proven the benefit of olive oil in fighting cancer.


19. Olive oil and olives strengthen eyesight and prevent night blindness because they contain vitamin A, and prevent drooping eyelids.


20. A sexual energy booster due to its vitamin A content. E.

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