Bad breath…causes and solutions

Many people suffer from this disease, which causes them embarrassment in front of others, and some of them are ashamed to raise their problem and search for solutions to it.



Bad breath occurs for several reasons, some of which are internal, including diseases of the mouth and diseases of the understanding, which are the most common and common.


How can this be ..


A tooth fracture or tooth decay occurs, and the patient delays treating this fracture or tooth decay until the root of the tooth is damaged, such that if it is extracted, the tooth root will turn green and become necrotic from the inside.


The patient goes to the dentist, who x-rays him, then pulls out the nerve and fills the tooth for him or installs a composite on it. “The pain disappears due to pulling the nerve, but the root of the tooth is rotten and causes the secretion of pus. It comes down a little, but it produces all that odor. Rather, this pus is dangerous to the heart over time.” ..






Those who suffer from this problem are looking for an endodontist, and note with me ((an endodontist, not a dentist)) because the dentist has nothing to do with the jaw from the inside, and all he means is pulling the nerve, carving the tooth, and filling or fitting. And if you go to him, he will do an x-ray for you and say the tooth is fine!! !


Therefore, look for a distinguished dental root consultant, then present the problem to him, and he, in turn, will examine the root of the tooth or molar. If he finds it damaged, he must extract it, and you will find that the smell has disappeared within hours of removing the rotten tooth.

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