Health and fitness rules for living a long healthy life

Rules of health and fitness – hello huge followings in the current culture of rapid reform, it is more important than ever to remember that some of the changes in simple lifestyle can effectively help your overall health.


Health and fitness rules

Basic Health and Fitness Basics Here are the most important basics if you’re trying to live a long, healthy life.

Nothing active every day

You don’t need a lot of physical effort, but you should use your body every day, whether it’s a brisk walk, a long walk, or an hour in the park.

Several studies show that just 30 minutes of moderate, regular walking daily reduces the risk of heart disease, Alzheimer’s disease, depression, and several types of cancer.

Sharing in life

Participating in simple social activities around you increases quality of life and improves mental health.

Studies show that social interaction is an important factor for mental and physical health. It is enough to make time every day to sit down with your family to talk and communicate with them.

The participation of relatives and their visits from time to time increases your daily activity, strengthens the bond of kinship and improves the psychological state


Beware of the second cause of death

Keeping calories in balance with burning calories is critical. Obesity is one of the world’s most serious health threats.

A recent study in the prestigious New England Journal of Medicine revealed that obesity has doubled in more than 70 countries since 1980

It accounts for more than 4 million deaths each year. In another study, obesity is the second leading cause of premature death, after smoking.

do not drink

Excessive alcohol use is associated with a number of chronic diseases, such as cirrhosis of the liver, laryngeal cancer, and cardiovascular disease.

Excessive drinking impairs sleep and functions of daily living.


Do not smoke

There is absolutely nothing that harms health, wellness, and fitness more than smoking.

And it is associated with dozens of types of cancer, as well as heart disease, dementia and COPD.

According to the American Cancer Society, smoking causes one in five deaths in the United States

That kills more people than alcohol, car accidents, HIV, guns and illegal drugs combined.

If you smoke, there is some good news. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the body literally begins to repair the damage caused by smoking within days of stopping.