Get rid of sensitive area hair with just one ingredient


We love to have smooth and silky hair, but only on our heads, but what about hair that is found elsewhere on the body? Excess hair in the sensitive area is one of the problems that cause a lot of embarrassment. You can get rid of excess hair in the sensitive area with only one ingredient. When there is excess hair in places such as hands, legs, armpits, there are many options to resort to to get rid of excess hair, but when it comes to excess hair in the sensitive area, it becomes difficult because this area is sensitive and as a result, you feel embarrassed when asking for help from others.

In fact, getting rid of excess hair in the sensitive area is not at all like shaving the legs or hands. Because the sensitive area is the softest and most sensitive place, and thus becomes more susceptible to wounds and damage. In addition, the hair that grows in this area is usually thick and coarse, so you must be careful.

Get rid of sensitive area hair with just one ingredient

We help you get out of this problem, through a simple, safe and cheap component at the same time that does not cost you more money. It is an effective way to get rid of excess hair in the sensitive area. Of course, beware of using harsh chemicals in this area so that it does not have a negative impact on your health. . All you need is a well-known household ingredient that is baking soda.


In this article, we recommend the most effective way to remove hair from the sensitive area with one ingredient that you have in your kitchen to get rid of excess hair without getting any infection or unwanted sensitivity and provide you comfort in the end.

  • 1 cup of water.
  • 1 cup baking soda.
  •  Take a cup of water and warm it up a little. Once it begins to boil, remove from the heat and add a tablespoon of baking soda.
  • Stir baking soda until you get a smooth paste.
  • Now take a piece of cotton and put it in the paste and make sure to filter the excess water from the cotton and start applying this mixture on the sensitive area.
  •  Now, after covering the sensitive area with baking soda, it is preferable to leave it overnight, and the next morning you can remove the baking soda and wash the sensitive area with lukewarm water.
  •  Make sure to leave the sensitive area to dry on its own, and then apply a moisturizing cream after that.
  •  You can repeat these steps three times a week and you will notice results within a week until the hair begins to disappear.

Effective home remedies to get rid of excess hair:

Before trying any of these home remedies, you should trim the excess hair with a razor, even if you choose to remove excess hair through wax, and be careful not to suffer from allergies due to these ingredients.

 sugar mix:

In a bowl, add 3 tablespoons of sugar and one tablespoon of lemon juice and honey and work to mix these ingredients together and then apply this mixture to the sensitive area and in the opposite way the mixture is removed in the opposite direction of hair growth in order to help you remove the hair of the sensitive area. This method is one of the most effective ways to remove hair from the sensitive area.

Flour mixture:

All you need is a cup of flour with salt and a little enough water to make a paste. Then make sure to apply this mixture every day until the hair in this area weakens, and with the long-term application, you will achieve effective hair removal without any side effects that harm your health.

 Sugar and honey mixture:

One of the appropriate treatments for removing coarse hair in the sensitive area. Mix a tablespoon of honey with a tablespoon of sugar and combine these ingredients, then apply it to the sensitive area and use a wax strip to remove hair.

Aloe wax:

You can prepare aloe vera wax by mixing aloe vera gel and honey together and applying the warm mixture. When the temperature becomes appropriate, start applying the mixture to the sensitive area and use a wax strip to remove hair. These ingredients are one of the best ingredients needed for sensitive area hair removal.

 Honey and lemon mixture:

If you are prone to the appearance of boils in this area, it is recommended to use this mixture because lemon helps prevent the appearance of this problem. In a suitable container, honey and lemon are mixed together and the ingredients are warmed and then used as a natural wax to remove excess hair. It is best to use this mixture after shaving first.

 Potato and lentil mixture:

Composition of a mixture of potato pulp with lentil powder with the addition of a little honey and heating it on the fire. You will notice that the mixture has become thicker and has become suitable for use as a wax to remove excess hair, as it is one of the best home remedies that you can resort to.

 Oatmeal and honey mixture:

If you want a very effective home remedy for sensitive area hair removal, it is one of the best treatments that you can choose. It is to mix oatmeal with honey and then use it as a home wax to remove unwanted hair in the sensitive area.

 Before doing these treatments:

Make sure to always give the sensitive area an ice massage because it helps you close the pores and reduce any skin infections that you may suffer from.

 Vaginal washing:

There are types of home vaginal wash that are useful for vaginal health that help you control the smell of the vagina and at the same time keep the vagina fresh.

Never try to use a scrub.

It is important not to use a scrub in this sensitive area so as not to lead to an infection or a rash. These types of home remedies for hair removal will eventually enable you to get soft and supple skin.

Other ways to remove sensitive area hair:

 Natural Hair Removal Products:

There is a group of products made of natural ingredients and works to weaken the hair of the sensitive area, thus making it easier to get rid of. It is preferable to search for products made from tea tree oil, pannoug, and sugar because the sensitive area is severely affected by the use of chemical products. You may notice that the hair does not respond at first, but over time the treatment works well as a natural remedy.

 Sugar :

Sugar is known to be one of the most important natural ingredients that help eliminate the hair of the sensitive area. Most of the previous natural mixtures depend on the use of sugar as a basic and ideal ingredient to get rid of excess hair.


Shaving has always been the popular choice for sensitive area hair removal. But you must make sure that you are ready to face your sharp battle in bearing the sharp wires of shaving, and it is preferable to choose a shaving cream made of aloe vera to prevent burns.

 Hair removers:

Excessive use of hair removal creams should be at your own risk because it has damage to your skin. Make sure to choose a small piece of hair to check for sensitivity to these creams and prefer not to use them on very sensitive skin.

 hair removal machine :

There are many electric hair removal devices in the market. But it may give unwanted and painful results at the same time. Therefore, try to avoid these products as much as possible.

Laser hair removal :

The preferred option for many is laser hair removal, but you should be careful when using lasers to remove excess hair from the sensitive area, as it takes 8-12 laser sessions to get the 

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