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Ginger and flaxseed cream is the best for breaking down body fat - Care Beauty

Ginger and flaxseed cream is the best for breaking down body fat

Many girls are looking for many ways to break up the circulating body fat

And lose excess weight effectively, so some of them start doing exercises only without

Relying on a healthy, integrated meal, and thus gaining weight without

Knowing the reason, which is eating unhealthy foods, and not setting specific times to eat




The three meals, which leads to them eating any foods in front of them during the day, especially when eating

Being out of the house most hours of the day. And to help you, Madam Ali, to break up

Excess fat accumulated in the body, we recommend this wonderful and proven cream that

Proven to be very effective in getting rid of fat, cellulite marks and lines

The thin white.


the components:


A quarter of a kilo of fresh ginger “in the vegetable or spice section of the supermarket.”


Small Glysolid Cream Bottle


4 tablespoons of rose water


A teaspoon of flaxseed oil





A teaspoon of lemon oil




Grate fresh ginger and put it in a suitable size bowl, and cover it with water until it is completely covered.


– Close the pot and bring it to a boil over a medium heat.


After boiling, drain the ginger well and keep the ginger water aside until it cools completely.


In a large plate, pour the small package of glysolid cream, and on top of it 4 tablespoons of rose water, flaxseed oil and lemon oil.


Stir the ingredients well in the dish, then pour over the ingredients the boiled and previously cooled ginger juice gradually until obtaining a creamy, coherent and smooth texture, not liquid.


– Apply the entire body, especially the areas with accumulated fat, with ginger cream, then wear cotton-lined sportswear from the inside and do sports, Zumba, or




You will feel the difference from the second week.


– Try the cream with your favorite exercise for yourself