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Get rid of dry elbows in easy and simple ways - Care Beauty

Get rid of dry elbows in easy and simple ways

Your skin may lack moisture due to the cold winter, so some areas of the skin are affected by dryness more than others, such as the elbows, and this problem is widespread in women, but it is easy to solve with the availability of natural materials that give your skin the necessary moisture and nutrition to restore its beauty and softness. Here is a group of easy methods And simple to get rid of dry elbows quickly and easily.

Exfoliation helps to replace dead cells with new ones, so choose a gentle natural exfoliator, preferably made of cucumber that is gentle on the skin, and massage the elbows well until dead skin cells are removed and your skin returns soft and moist.

Water is also a great way to provide the necessary moisture to your skin, so drink plenty of water, and make sure to eat water-rich vegetables such as lettuce and cucumber.

Use Vaseline, olive oil, or almond oil, as these substances will provide moisture and soothing to your dry skin. When using any of these materials, wrap the elbow with a piece of nylon

You can use butter by placing it on the elbows and then removing it after 10 minutes to get moisturized and smooth skin.

Rub the dry elbow area with lemon, which has a magical effect to remove dryness and restore moisture and softness to your skin in a wonderful way.