8 tips provided by beauticians for clear skin

Dear do you want to have beautiful and radiant skin with simple and easy tips? The Woman Magazine offers you several tips from beauticians, follow them to get clear and beautiful skin.


1- Hygiene

in order to be able to preserve the freshness and youth of the skin, you must completely remove traces of makeup. It is easy to wash the face well with water, as it is sufficient to remove all traces of makeup, and open the way for the pores of the skin to breathe.


2- Moisturizing the face

after removing traces of makeup from the face, it is recommended to use moisturizing creams for the facial skin in order for the skin to maintain its vitality, and to maintain skin hydration that protects it from wrinkles in old age, because the skin contains water by 90% and is exposed to evaporation constantly, so moisturizing creams It helps to maintain the natural moisture in the skin, and keeps the skin smooth and without wrinkles. It is preferable to use moisturizers for the skin after cleansing the skin completely.


3- A smile is always the sign of your radiance, and it is a sign of your vitality and confidence in life. The optimistic smiling face is one of the most important natural exercises that preserve the youth of the skin and the face in particular.


4- Water

water has an important role in giving freshness and vitality to the skin, and drinking water must be before and after eating meals, and during the whole day, as this helps to purify and expel toxic elements from the body and preserves the youth of the skin.


5 – Avoid smoking, in order to get fresh and smooth skin, you must avoid smoking.





6 – Diet, types of food have an effect on your skin negatively or positively, the skin is the first thing that is affected by a bad diet, the high percentage of fat in food increases the difficulty of digestion and increases secretions of fats and oils, and this leads to the appearance of spots and pimples on the face, and you must pay attention to that The harsh diet for weight loss deprives the body of many nutrients, vitamins and minerals that preserve the skin and its youth.


7 – Do not approach your face, do not approach the pimples and blackheads that appear on your face or scratch them, because they will cause the appearance of pimples that are difficult to remove after that, and their wound may lead to the spread of the infection to the rest of the face, due to the transmission of the microbe that was in it, and you must clean the face Well with warm water, and not to expose it to sunlight and harsh external factors.


8- Sunlight, frequent exposure to direct sunlight leads to damage to skin cells, and changes its color to a darker color, so it is recommended to use sunscreen suitable for the skin