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Get a beautiful morning makeup in just three minutes - Care Beauty

Get a beautiful morning makeup in just three minutes

Do you want, my dear, to have a soft and calm morning makeup that gives you more tenderness and beauty? Here are some wonderful and simple steps to do a morning makeup in only three minutes. Follow us to know more..


1- To summarize the steps of the care cream, then the sunscreen, then the foundation cream, apply dots of BB Cream, CC Cream, or tinted water on your face. We recommend trying Lingerie De Peau BB by Guerlain.


2- Apply concealer around your eyes as much as you need, then add layers of mascara, as it will instantly give you the desired luster.


3- Finally, use a product that you use as a color for the cheeks and lips together, such as Kiss And Blush from Yves Saint Laurent. And here you are, ready to go with a natural glow, to which you may add eye shadow or eyeliner at your rest time during the day.